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Organic Express Inc.® is the premiere Certified Installer for Filtrexx Canada Erosion and Sediment Control Products and Services. Filtrexx® Products are certified to meet stringent standards set through extensive research and field testing. Many of these products can be found in the “Sediment and Erosion  Control Guidelines For Urban Construction” as set out by the Greater Golden Horseshoe Conservation Authorities. Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines.pdf   We continue to add effective and environmentally responsible technologies to our line of products and services through partnering with industry, government and research and educational facilities. 
Organic Express Inc.® welcomes your inquiries as to how we may assist with your erosion, sediment control and storm water management challenges. We can help right from the start with project design, through all phases to construction completion and can provide emergency site repair and restoration to keep you in compliance. 
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